Ultimate Guide To Increase Your Shopify Conversion Rate

E-Commerce is booming right now and the competition is harder than ever before. Every single day, new Shopify stores are created and they need to find ways to distinguish themselves if they want to make profits. Having great products is essential but not enough, Shopify store owners must focus on data. Conversion rate optimization is one of the most popular strategies for eCommerce businesses.


However, increasing the Shopify conversion rate of your online store may spark a bunch of questions. Actually, many e-commerce owners have no idea of their current conversion rate or the importance of this metric. It is essential for any e-commerce owner to know their conversion rate and to always aim to make it higher. 


Other Shopify store owners know that the conversion rate is important but struggle to increase it. The struggle to increase their Shopify conversion rate because there is too much information out there. You don’t often know where to start and this is understandable.


Do not panic! Whoever you are: a Shopify store owner, marketer, or consultant that wants to find ways to increase the conversion rate of an eCommerce store, you are at the right place.


This guide will answer all your questions. We put all the information you need to increase your Shopify conversion rate once and for all. Our recommendations are also applicable if you are using another CMS.


We also put tips that will take your store to the next level so that you can satisfy your clients even more. Let’s get into it!


What is a conversion rate and how does Shopify calculate conversion rate?


The definition of conversion rate is quite simple. Your Shopify conversion rate is the number of clients you convert divided by the number of visitors. For example, let’s say that you got 1000 visitors that day, and 20 of them became customers and bought your products. We can say that your Shopify conversion rate is 20 / 1000 = 2% conversion rate.


Now, you understand that your Shopify conversion rate is extremely important. Increasing your Shopify conversion rate is one of the best ways to grow your sales. It is a super important metric because it can grow your revenue exponentially. Of course, to do that, you’ll need to have super compelling products that appeal to your target audience.


At Mark, we really want you to realize that your Shopify conversion rate is vital. You need to track it every single day. Let’s consider that you sell 2 orders per day. That’s 60 orders per month. At 100 visitors per day, that will make you a conversion rate of 2%. If your average order value is $100, you will make $6000 that month. Let’s increase your conversion rate by 1% and see the difference. With a 3% conversion rate, you will sell 3 orders per day or 90 orders per month. You’re now making $9000 in one month. The difference is huge! During a year that small percentage will make you an extra 360 orders or $36,000.


However, don’t expect your conversion rate to be 10% from the beginning. This number is extraordinarily high, and not a lot of stores can achieve it. But you always need to aim higher and try to find creative ways to improve your conversion rate.


What is a good conversion rate for Shopify?


The average conversion rate for any store and any industry is 3%. That conversion rate benchmark will vary depending on your target niche. Anything more than a 3% conversion rate would put you in the best quartile.


Do you have a low conversion rate on Shopify?


If your Shopify conversion rate is between 1% and 2%, it can be considered average. However, if it is below 1%, then you need to consider ways to improve your conversion rate. Especially if you are running ads because you are paying for traffic that is not converting into sales. We will see in this article how you can increase your conversion rate on Shopify.


Best ways to improve your Shopify conversion rate and build a high converting Shopify store


To build a high converting Shopify store you need to focus on the User experience (UX). The User Experience is really important and can make or break your conversion rate on Shopify.


  1. Build a professional Shopify store
  2. Build your brand’s universe to increase your conversion rate
  3. Use Emotion to increase your conversion rate
  4. Use beautiful images to increase your conversion rate
  5. Optimize your funnel on Shopify
  6. Work on the User Experience
  7. Improve the design of your Shopify store
  8. Reduce the page load time of your Shopify store
  9. Increase trust in your Shopify store
  10. Having an incredible support
  11. Focus on Mobile
  12. Personalize the user experience
  13. Why you need to use Social Proof on your Shopify Store
  14. Use Recommendations
  15. Conversion Rate Optimization


Build a professional Shopify store


This one can seem obvious but we see a lot of Shopify stores that aren’t looking professional. Just imagine coming to a Shopify store and thinking to yourself “this looks awful”. Chances are you will not buy from that store because it is not creating trust. 


There is also a scenario where you don’t see that your own store is not beautiful. To counter that, show your store to your friends and your family and ask them for feedback. They will tell you what you can improve. You will be surprised how much feedback on your Shopify store you can have by just asking your surroundings. Ask them if they would buy from your Shopify store. If not, ask them why they would not.


Fortunately, Shopify provides amazing themes that make it easier to build a beautiful looking store.


Build your brand’s universe to increase your conversion rate


We highly recommend you to take inspiration from the big brands out there. Take Victoria’s Secret for example. They don’t just sell products, they create an entire world around their products, an entire universe. That’s what a brand is, and that’s one of the best ways to increase your conversion rate on Shopify.


Your product’s description needs to be full of content. You need to find and describe the story of your products. As an example, you can look at Apple’s product page and see for yourself how each and every one of their product pages are designed for you to buy. That’s how Apple is able to increase drastically its e-commerce conversion rate.


We are citing Apple because there are one of the best brands when it comes to marketing. Again, we highly recommend you to get inspired by the big brands in your industry and see what they are doing. Get inspired!


Use Emotion to increase your conversion rate


To increase your conversion rate on Shopify, it’s extremely important that each one of your product pages conveys emotion. We can’t stress enough how important it is. Creating emotion can drastically improve your conversion rate in a way that you can’t even imagine. And how can you create emotion? By writing. Write about the story of your brand and about its universe. Write about how this particular product is among your brand’s universe.


Use beautiful images to increase your conversion rate


We see too many Shopify stores that don’t pay attention to the quality of their images. As a consequence, their conversion rate is decreasing dramatically. Images are so important because they are one of the key elements to create emotions and tell your brand’s universe. We know that a professional photographer can be expensive but there exists some small studio box that you can get on Amazon for less than $50. Use that with your smartphone, and that will be enough to increase the quality of your pictures. Your Shopify store must be professional and a key element of that is quality images.


For example, take Adidas. Not only are they using high-quality images but also they are describing their story. When you are buying Adidas shoes, you are not only buying the shoes but also the entire brand universe.


brand universe shopify conversion rate optimization with mark



Use that to increase your Shopify conversion rate. It can be a game-changer for your business.


Optimize your funnel on Shopify


Your sales funnel is directly linked to your Shopify conversion rate. Your Shopify sales funnel needs to be smooth. If you are on Shopify, you have a solid foundation but you need to make sure that it is easier for your visitors to buy from your store. Is the process smooth? That question only can improve your eCommerce conversion rate.


Usually, your sales funnel will depend on your industry. A clothing store, and a website that sells info-products won’t have the same funnel. As a general rule of thumb, the higher the price of your product, the longer the sales funnel will be. You will probably have to do retargeting ads in order to close the deal with your potential customers. Retargeting ads are really effective and can help you a lot when it comes to improving your conversion rate on Shopify.


Always have the larger picture in mind and always remember that your sales funnel is correlated to your Shopify conversion rate.


Work on the User Experience


Here is a simple list that you can use to improve the user experience of your Shopify store: 


  • Simplify the navigation on your website and use a vocabulary that is simple and easy to understand.
  • Limit the content on your homepage. Just have the essential: new products, new collections, news, a short presentation of your brand. Too much information can make you lose visitors and decrease your conversion rate.
  • Simulate a purchase. Act as a visitor, and try to buy one of your own products. See if there is some bottleneck in the checkout process. The checkout process should be as simple as possible. The more simple, the higher your Shopify conversion rate will be.


Let Customers buy on the platform of their choices


Many Shopify stores are asking us why they should offer the Paypal option if they are using Stripe on their Shopify store. You need to offer as many options as possible for your customers. Some of them will not want to pay with a credit card and would rather choose their PayPal account. If you give all options to your customers, you will increase your Shopify conversion rate for sure.


Improve the design of your Shopify store


E-commerce is also about psychology. You need to focus on the general aspect of your e-commerce store. This generally is related to the overall design of your website, to the presence of emotional videos showing your products, and high-quality images (with different angles) of what you are selling.


The design of your website is an important element that will tell if your visitors will buy or not. Improving the design of your Shopify store is an ongoing process. The more attractiveness, the higher the conversion rate.


Reduce the page load time of your Shopify store


You need to focus on the page load time of your Shopify store. Again, if you are on Shopify that should not be a problem because it is nicely optimized. But if you have high-quality images on your Shopify store, do not forget to compress all the images. That will make your website faster.


Reducing page load time can also reduce your bounce rate. That’s why page load time has a direct effect on your Shopify conversion rate, so you need to take it really seriously.


Increase trust in your Shopify store


Your visitors want to have as much information as possible. You need to inform them effectively on your refund policy, shipping time, and other eventualities.


A very effective way to increase trust is also to have a security banner showing up in your product pages, and checkout page. When your visitor is coming to your Shopify store, he must feel at ease and trust you. He must feel that he will not be scammed if he makes a purchase.


security banner shopify with Mark conversion rate optimization


Having an incredible support


Support is hard and it takes a lot of time. However, as the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos said: “the customer is number one”. Whatever you do, you need to have your customers in mind. That is the best strategy to increase your conversion rate on Shopify.


That is the reason why you should have a support chat embedded in your Shopify store. Your potential clients might have one last question before buying. If you answer that question within 1 minute, they can finalize their checkout and that can improve your Shopify conversion rate.


Always remember that customer satisfaction and your conversion rate on Shopify are correlated. If you make your customers happy, they will make you happy. It’s that simple. However, if your customer support is inefficient that will translate with a decreasing conversion rate on your store.


Shopify customers increase sales conversion rate optimization


Jeff Bezos is the current king of e-commerce, it is wise to listen to him.


Focus on Mobile


If you want to increase your conversion rate on Shopify, you will need to adapt your strategy and become mobile-first. When you start in the e-commerce world, a lot of people tell you to focus on mobile without having clear data to back it up. 


On average, more than 35% of purchases in e-commerce are made on mobile devices. The number of mobile visitors is increasing exponentially and that is the reason why you need to be mobile-first. It is tremendously important to make your Shopify store responsive because it can have big consequences on your conversion rate on Shopify.


To become a mobile-first Shopify store, you will need to focus on those areas:


  • Having straight to the point information. On mobile, you have less space, the user does not want to be overwhelmed by too much text. That is why you will need to be straightforward and give the most valuable information only.
  • Mobile makes it harder and more uncomfortable to fill out forms. As a consequence, your forms need to be great and short.
  • Have an obsessive focus on page load time. If your Shopify store takes a long time to load, your users will feel uncomfortable and frustrated, and will probably bounce.
  • Increase trust. On mobile devices, the insecurity that your visitors will feel is higher than on desktop. Especially at the moment of entering their credit card. 


To summarize, having a mobile-first approach to e-commerce is not only to make your Shopify store responsive but to focus on the overall customer journey on mobile. Being mobile-first is a strategy that consists of focusing obsessively on the mobile. It is not dumb as the number of users on mobile is increasing drastically years after years. Most of your audience will be on mobile sooner or later.


Personalize the user experience


To improve your online store’s conversion rate on Shopify, you can integrate eCommerce personalization into your strategy. E-Commerce personalization means to create personalized experiences for your customers. If you make your customers unique, they will buy more. To do that, you will need to know very well who your customers are. This strategy needs to be applied to your Shopify store but only outside (in your marketing campaigns on Facebook ads, google ads, and in your email marketing campaigns).


Why you need to use Social Proof on your Shopify Store


You probably observed that customer reviews became omnipresent on the Internet. People are looking for reviews before buying. They are looking for people to validate that they are making the right purchasing decisions.


customer reviews shopify with mark conversion rate optimization


If we look at the data, we can see that having great reviews on your website can drastically improve your conversion rate. In fact, 57% of online buyers will buy only if a website has more than 4 stars. 80% of 18-34 years old have already posted a review online. The reviews have incredible power on your visitor’s mind. They can make or break a transaction. At Mark, we highly recommend Shopify stores to install apps that can increase the social proof on your Shopify store. It will drastically increase your sales on Shopify.


Moreover, the website Moz (specialized in SEO) revealed that reviews in text form can improve your SEO ranking. That boost in SEO will drive more traffic to your Shopify store and more sales as a consequence.


Why social proof is so important for your Shopify store?


Social proof is important for your Shopify store. Reviews can boost the sales and conversion rate of your Shopify store. That is because the potential client needs social proof to make his decision. Reading the reviews of other buyers can be the trigger that will make him buy your products.


Reviews can give more honest feedback for a visitor that is on a product page. They can also answer certain questions that your potential customers might have or remove certain doubts as well.


Reviews are one of the best advertising for your product. Do not underestimate the impact of words of mouth and social proof.


Use Recommendations


On your product pages, it is super important to add a recommended products section for multiple reasons. It is very easy to add that section, Shopify can generate an automatic list of products that will interest your potential customers. Not only it makes it easier for them to find new products, but it also increases your online sales on Shopify.


It increases your conversion rate


When your potential customers visit your product page, the current product they are scrolling might not be the best choice for them. But if you have a recommended products section, they will probably find a product that suits them more.


It increases your average order value


In the recommended product section, you need to have products that complement the current product that the user is seeing. By doing that, the user will realize that he needs to add more products to his cart because he does not want to lose this opportunity. That is why a bundle of products are terribly effective. You should add a discount on the bundle to incentivize buyers that order more products. You can also propose free shipping if the potential customers buy for a certain amount of money. 


It can increase social proof


Just imagine having a recommended product section with the title “Customers who bought this product also bought”.


As an example, you can take the recommended product section of Amazon:


product recommendation on Shopify using Mark conversion rate optimization


Amazon is the king of recommendations, they built an entire AI system do provide the best recommendations for their customers. This is drastically improving the conversion rate of Amazon and it can also increase the conversion rate of your Shopify store.


Conversion Rate Optimization


Here are some unique ways to improve your conversion rate on Shopify.


Set a Conversion Rate Goal


If you don’t track your conversion rate on a daily basis, you will not be able to improve it. Also, if you don’t set a goal for your conversion rate, you will not increase it. The first thing that we recommend our clients is to set goals. First of all, run a benchmark of the average conversion rate in your industry and see where your Shopify store position itself. Even if you are above average, you should continue to find ways to increase your conversion rate. It is an ongoing process. Always remember that you can always increase your Shopify conversion rate.




Now that you have made an industry benchmark on your conversion rate, it is time to brainstorm with your team creative ways on how you can increase it. Use this article to get inspired and get some ideas. Do not be afraid to find innovative ways to increase your conversion rate. The weirder the better. 




After brainstorming, it is time to test the ideas you had to improve your conversion rate. The goal is to test as many ideas as possible. To do that, you should run A/B tests. For example, you could have two identical product pages and send traffic to both of them. One of those product pages will have the conversion rate optimization that you want to test. After a week, check the conversion rate on Shopify for both of these pages and see which one got the highest conversion rate.


Rinse and repeat


Get rid of what didn’t work and keep what worked. As we said, improving your conversion rate is an ongoing process. It takes dedication and patience but it is really worth it. 


Conversion rate optimization will increase your margins and decrease your costs for acquiring customers. Nowadays, the competition is crazier than ever before and we all know that every penny counts. You will be able to use that increase in margins to invest in your customer support or in an email marketing software that will boost your user retention. The conversion rate is correlated to many other metrics and focusing and investing in improving it is worth every penny. Before to start driving traffic to your Shopify store, the first thing that you should do is to invest effort in building a more professional Shopify store. You need to invest in your brand: have better quality products, and quality images. Invest in your customer support as well. Always remember that the customer is king and that you are the servant. No matter what you are doing, you need to remember that the customer is always number one. The customer needs to stay on top of your mind. Increasing your Shopify conversion rate will increase your customer satisfaction and retention for sure. Treat your customers well. When they come to your Shopify store, they must have the best experience of their life. They must be emotionally blown away, and they must feel that they need to buy right now.




As a conclusion, we hope that you are now more aware of the importance of your conversion rate on Shopify. A small percentage can make all the difference and can make or break your online store. The eCommerce conversion rate needs to be taken very seriously and you must continually work on it to make it better. We also hope that you now have some ideas on how you can increase your Shopify conversion rate, and also how you can get your brand to the next level.


Conversion rate optimization is an ongoing process and you need to constantly be working on it. Set a goal, brainstorm, and test your ideas. Do that over and over, and you will be able to improve your conversion rate. Do not underestimate the importance of the conversion rate. Usually, a small difference in your Shopify conversion rate can lead to tremendous results. If you have 10000 daily visitors with a conversion rate of 2%, that is 200 orders or $20,000 with an average order value of $100. If your Shopify conversion rate is at 3%, you now make 300 orders or $30,000. A difference of $10,000 for just 1%. The more you scale, the more that metric becomes increasingly important to focus on.


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