Shopify Dropshipping Apps You Should Use in 2021

Shopify has its own app store for Shopify dropshipping apps where dropshippers can find almost any app they need to improve their website. Apps can be either free or paid. However, most free products have limited capabilities.

You can even choose to go for the paid app that comes with a free or affordable plan. If your requirement change, you can choose to switch to higher plans.

We have checked several known and lesser-known applications to create the list of best ones for you. Some of these products have always held the place of “favorites,” while others are gaining popularity day by day.

We will also explain why you should choose these Shopify dropshipping apps. Additionally, we will deliver insight into their benefits for your business.


If you are into dropshipping, you must have heard of Oberlo for sure. We rarely see a successful dropshipping business that works without Oberlo.

Oberlo simplifies product research and shipments. You will basically use Oberlo to search products and add the ones you find suitable for your dropshipping business niche.

After you’ve found the ideal product, you can add it to your dropshipping store, then you will need to specify the description and add the pricing. When a customer buys a product from your store, all you need to do is pass the buyer’s details to the seller. The seller will perform the product shipment directly. Easy, right?

Checkout Boost

Checkout Boost, as the name suggests, aims to boost sales. There are several ways of improving your conversion rate. Among them, one method stands out (honestly we have never seen it fail), it is providing offers and discounts.

With Checkout Boost, you can create offers, provide gifts, free shipping, etc., based upon the products customers purchase and the total purchase amount.

An additional benefit Checkout Boost delivers is the access to discounts in exchange for social media shares. With this feature, you can easily grow your social media presence while increasing your sales.

It also uplifts the ROI as it targets building a relationship with existing customers and bring new prospects at the same time.

Boost Sales

You’re probably thinking that the primary aim of Boost Sales is the same as Checkout Boost. That’s right, however the wait it boosts sales is completely different from Checkout Boost.

The application is amongst the best dropshipping apps as it helps you perform upselling and cross-selling without much effort.

It focuses on increasing the overall cart amount by displaying the relevant products to customers at the time of purchase.

The application identifies the relevant products by implementing artificial intelligence on sales data and consumer behavior. This ensures higher chances of conversion, making it one of the best Shopify apps for dropshipping. You will be surprised to see how an app can boost your sales so much!

Personalized Recommendation

The application induces reliability and trust. Personalized Recommendation showcases the frequently bought products, recent purchases, and trending items.

The entire process is automated as Personalized Recommendation uses machine learning.

Moreover, it also displays “Handpick Just for You” products for every customer as per his actions and customer journey.

Countdown Cart

Countdown Cart is one of the best Shopify dropshipping apps that comes for free. The application develops a sense of urgency that the customer needs to buy the product before the sale ends.

You can add the time and timer heading as per your requirements. The Countdown Cart will appear below or right side of the image that can easily catch the user’s eye.

Though there is over usage of timers, they can still add up to profit. As it comes for free, you won’t need to make any investment. That’s why there is no harm in placing this simple yet effective add-on. In fact, we encourage you to experiment it and see the results by yourself.

Dropship Connector

Dropship connector is similar to Oberlo. With the help of Dropship connectors, you can find the right sellers and automate your dropshipping business.

Though Oberlo has a higher number of sellers, Dropship Connector has different advantages. There are many features that Dropship Connector provides in the basic plan for which Oberlo charges a high amount. Besides that, Dropship Connector has an interesting feature allowing to automatically update the tracking number of a shipment. You’ll know which one to use based on your budget.

Mark AI

If you are struggling with acquiring new customers or re-targeting them, Mark AI is the best dropshipping app for you. The application has unique advertising features that automate the process of creating social media campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

The application also helps to optimize the campaign by targeting the relevant customer interests. You will need very limited knowledge to use the app (or even none).

With its powerful AI and its inbuilt step-by-step process of creating advertisement, you have now an efficient and cheap way of increasing your sales!

Sales Pop

Sales Pop helps you to create social proof and build credibility. Your prospects can view what other people recently bought on your store, allowing them to quickly find popular products and gain insight into your sales.

When you deliver transparency, it provides trust in return. Moreover, the product comes for free. It is no surprise that the app has over 60,000 downloads, making it one of the best dropshipping apps.

Plug in SEO

For every dropshipping business, it is necessary to have a web presence. You can run Google Ads to gain top position on the search engine results page. However, that’s competitive and requires continuous investment.

Using Plug in SEO, you can improve your organic SEO and grow your dropshipping business organically. Whatever SEO issues you have, the application shows you relevant information and instructions to eliminate them. You can also hire experts to improve SEO using Plug in SEO.


There are countless Shopify dropshipping apps on the Shopify app store. Besides the applications listed above, you can try to find more by manually looking for it on the Shopify app store. The app store segments different applications under various categories. This makes it easy for you to explore them and find the best ones as per your dropshipping business.

If you wish to find more about the Shopify app store and its applications, we have the best resource. Check out “The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping Guide for 2021” and get all the information you need. Furthermore if you keep exploring, you will find even more Shopify dropshipping apps that are suitable for your business. You will see that finding the right app is the hardest part, after you just need to install the app on your dropshipping business, have a quick set up and watch it scale.