The Best Dropshipping Products to Sell in 2021

You can include as many products as you want to your dropshipping online store. However, it is necessary that you choose the products carefully and include only the best dropshipping products on your website.

Choosing a great product to sell is the most important step. You must find a product that almost sells itself. Not only your product must have a high perceived value but it also needs to have a real value.

That’s what building a long term dropshipping brand is about: value.

In this article, we will show you some of the best winning dropshipping products and we will clear your doubts about how to find them step-by-step.

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How to select the best dropshipping products for your store?

There are numerous aspects to consider when it comes to select the top dropshipping products. Specifically, the products that you will choose will depend on your niche and we do not recommend to go outside your dropshipping niche. For example, if a product shows high demand but doesn’t match your brand identity, then you should not be adding it to your dropshipping store because it won’t be fruitful.

Building a brand is the most important aspect of dropshipping in 2021.

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Choosing the perfect price for your store’s products

If you are starting with dropshipping, chances are that you will first focus on a lower average order value (AOV) for your products. While you should always strive to increase your AOV, keep in mind that selling products with a high AOV means a higher cost per purchase and therefore a higher ad spend budget.

Usually, high price products are sold lesser than low-priced ones. That’s because customers make impulsive purchases when the price is low. If you sell an expensive product, you will need a more advanced funnel with retargeting ad in place.

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Suitable Profit Margin

At Mark, we recommend you to find products with real value and also high perceived value. If your customers thinks that you product is worth much more than what it costs, they will buy for sure.

At the same time, you need to think about your profit margin. If you make only 50% of profits for each product sold then you will be crushed by Facebook Ads costs (that are rising), VA costs and app costs. Consequently, you will not be profitable. Our rule of thumb is to find product that you can sell 3 times higher.

For example, if a product costs you $9, then a great price would be $27. Again, that is why you need to find product with real and high perceived value.

What about the competition?

Dropshipping can be very competitive.

Consequently, you will need to find products that are new to the market and not easily find in stores.

What many dropshippers are doing wrong is they only choose saturated products. It can be very misleading because even if those products have high demand they are too competitive.

To succeed, you need to find product that are unique/new to the market, that are trendy, with a demand constantly rising and most importantly that solves a real problem.

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Choose evergreen dropshipping products

At Mark AI, we really believe that the future of dropshipping resides in branding.

Having a branded Shopify store is the ultimate key to make sales. You can check our “The Ultimate Shopify Dropshipping Guide for 2021” for more information on building your brand and achieve the title of top dropshipping business.

Your brand is your biggest asset and that’s how you will be able to win in the long term.

So, when choosing your product, think like a brand: is it a good idea? Would I buy this product myself? Do I see myself long-term in this niche etc.

You will find that advertising will be much easier and that your product will almost sell itself. By the way, you can use Mark AI to advertise your products on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

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Hard to Find Offline

Again, you must find a product that is not sold in your local shop. From experience, we can tell you that 9/10 these products do not sell online (except on Amazon).

Products that are hard to find in the local market shows high online sales. Choosing those products will always be a better option.

List of the best dropshipping products

We have chosen the top dropshipping products from multiple niches and listed them below. While preparing the list, we took all the above-listed aspects into consideration.

Before going through our list of products, if you want to know about the best niches, read our article on the best Shopify dropshipping niches for 2021.

Detox Shampoo

With the global pandemic, people are more and more interested about self-care. Detox shampoos can be very profitable, and you could also shows the ecological impact of using your shampoo.

The profit you can potentially earn by selling detox shampoos is suitable enough to add it to your dropshipping store.

Moreover, it’s also quite doable to build a niche store around this product nowadays.

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Lip Mask & Foot Masks

Lip Mask is a relatively new product and has a huge potential to grow. People who care to buy skin products will buy a lip mask for sure. Therefore, advertising and selling this product is easier in comparison to other dropship products.

Also, a self-care product whose sales increased during the COVID-19 pandemic is foot mask. It is used to keep the foot skin healthy by detoxing it. We noticed the increase of self-care and fitness products as people are more conscious about their health.

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Laptop Table

As more people are shifting to “work from home culture,” there is an increment in laptop table sales. It is likely that sales will increase further in 2021 as the use of laptops is also going to increase.

laptop table shopify dropshipping

Tote Bag

Tote bags are reusable made of clothing material. These bags are the perfect replacement for the polythene bags. Moreover, the pricing is low. Therefore, people are likely to purchase it and you can keep a good profit margin for your dropshipping store.

We recommend adding this tote bag as an upsell. You could even private label the tote bag.

tote bag shopify dropship


Chinos are one of the best dropshipping products as they are evergreen and highly popular amongst men. You can select chinos from different brands, pricing range, material, etc., and offer a wide variety to your customers.

While the demand is high, competition is also high in the clothing niche. That’s the reason why you need to differentiate yourself. Have a look at to get some inspiration. It’s a great clothing brand that started off with dropshipping.

Best Dropship Products 2021

Clogs & Trail Shoes

Clogs are almost used by everyone around. As people are rendering priority to comfort, the sales are likely to increase. As we checked the record, the late 2020s have experienced a steady increment in demand.

Again, you need to find a way to differentiate yourself.

Trail shoes are exhibiting 7.5% of average growth every year. However, it is expected to rise as more people will travel after the end of the pandemic. With them you can also earn a good margin. Be sure to select the best ones to ensure the least return requirements and quality issues.

Best products to sell Shopify


As more and more people are choosing to stay inside, the demand for comfortable clothes is rising. The trend is a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s about to grow with time.

Best Shopify dropshipping clothes

Massage Gun

Massage parlors are not flooded because nobody wants to take the risk of getting infected. 2021 required a prominent solution to it, which appeared in the form of massage guns. With a powerful marketing and advertising strategy, it will be easy to sell this product.

Best products shopify dropshipping


There is no woman who isn’t in love with leggings. It’s an evergreen product for dropship available in a wide variety. You can add the best ones from different price ranges. It allows a user to select a product depending on his budget. At the same time, you will not need to compromise your profit.

Legging Shopify dropshipping

How to identify the best dropshipping products?

We have listed the top dropshipping products. However, it is impossible to cover each niche and its products. If you wish to conduct your research for identifying the best items to dropship, here is the way:

Using Supplier and Product Finding Tools

If you are a Shopify user, you can easily find out products using Oberlo. There are other product finding tools too. Along with product details, sales data also appear, helping you to select the best dropshipping product.

Also, have a look at the Aliexpress dropshipping center that can be very useful to find products that ship from your audience’s country.

Finally, use a tool that can inspect your Facebook ads competitors like or (less expensive).

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Keyword Research

You can use Google Keywords Planner and add the product names to check out how many people are searching for them on Google. Moreover, it also lets you know the competition and how much it would cost you to run a Google Ad.

Google Trends

Google Trends helps you to conduct a thorough research about a product. With its help, you can find out the increment or decrement in the search volume. You can also identify the performance of related search terms over a period. If your customers belong to a specific geographical location, you can even conduct a search accordingly.

Google trends can be very useful to spot trends fast.

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You need to keep searching for the best dropshipping products and catch trends early. Again, it’s not only about finding products with high perceived value but real value.

Keep looking for new ideas of products and check which are experiencing growth. They may not be popular at the moment, but if there’s a possibility in the future, add them to the website and keep advertising. Remember, you must not only identify the best dropshipping product but also create the best ones by setting up the trend.