The Best Shopify Dropshipping Niches for 2021

Dropshipping can be very profitable or can make you lose a lot of money. Failure or success highly depends on whether or not you selected the best dropshipping niches.

Now, what 99% of dropshippers are doing wrong?

During the initial stage, they try to follow the trend and do like everybody else. Till the time they get aligned with the trend, trend’s already gone.

Consequently, if you want to build a sustainable business, you must find trends before everybody else, or select products that remain trendy at all time. Choosing the right dropshipping products is an art by itself, that is the most important element of a dropshipping business.

By carefully picking the best niches for dropshipping, you can build a very profitable dropshipping business.

best dropshipping niches 2021

How to select the best dropshipping niches?

Without adequate market research, becoming a successful dropshipper is not possible. At Mark, we will help you in your dropshipping journey by showing you the basics on how to get started.

One of the important steps is to select one of the top dropshipping niches. First, you must see whether the product you selected in that niche got demand or not. There must be customers willing to purchase your product and benefit from it.

In addition to that, you must retain those customers. Retention is crucial because if your existing customers are coming over and over, you make profits without having to pay for acquisition. That’s why it’s tremendously important to choose products that can be sold repeatedly. By installing Mark on your Shopify store, the app will take care of the campaign structure of your Facebook Ads. You can start a 14 days free trial:

Let’s be realistic, most of the dropshipping niches are very competitive. Nowadays, it is complicated to stand out as a dropshippers as more and more advertisers are using Facebook Ads. Therefore, it is very important to have a branded store. You need to build a “universe” and your visitors must say “Wow” when they shop in your Shopify store.

You can take the help of Oberlo app or Dsers for finding winning products in the niche that you selected. Winning products can be easily sold. Check out our list of dropshipping tools where you can find tools like Oberlo. These tools can really help you enhance your dropshipping business.

Last but not least, it should be easy for you to market the dropshipping niches’ products. More specifically, with a niche product and a branded store, you will see that advertising is pretty straightforward. Once you find a winning product, your Shopify store will take off instantly.

Let’s check out what are the niches that you should pick for 2021.

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List of the Best dropshipping niches for 2021

The most profitable dropshipping niches are always changing with time. In order to select the best dropshipping niche for you, consider the following list.

Healthcare Products and Equipment

health dropshipping niche

Nowadays, people are more health conscious than ever. Due to COVID-19, there is always high demand for health-related products. Caution: do not advertise masks on Facebook, this is against the Facebook ads policy.

Besides that, people are dragged towards health accessories because they want to take care of themselves more than ever before. There are a lot of fashionable fitness watches which customers would love to wear and use. Also, there is a high demand for products like yoga mat, gym equipment, etc. which makes health equipment one of the best dropshipping niches to pick for 2021.

Beauty Products and Self-care

Beauty dropshipping niche 2021

The pandemic has made people realize the importance of self-care. Beauty and self-care products were always in demand but the demand has increased considerably.

Most of the dropshipping businesses fail with this niche because they add all the products they find. However, many products are just not worth it If your customers buy wrong products, it may harm your reputation in the long run. Therefore, it’s necessary to choose only the right products for your dropshipping store.

Research beauty and self-care products which are in high-demand. Check out customer feedbacks for those products, and always try it yourself to see if it’s good. In dropshipping, finding a quality product is a must.


Clothing dropshipping niche

Clothing is the evergreen dropshipping niche. Out of all the top dropshipping niches, clothing is the one that keeps evolving.

Clothing allows you to sell unique products that customers will not find anywhere else. Selling a unique product is the key to make dropshipping successful and profitable. The best dropshipping stores are very famous and visited by customers all over the world because the clothes are of fine quality and exclusive.

If you market these products to the right audience, your Shopify store can reach 7 figures and become a well-known brand. Mostly because you will have something exclusive that other stores will not have.

For 2021, the trend of the dropshipping clothing niche is towards comfortable clothes and home wears. As you can imagine, that’s because people are staying at home due to the pandemic. However, it doesn’t mean that you should not focus on outdoor wears. You can always start with indoors and move to outdoors later.

Indoor Entertainment Products

Indoor entertainment niche dropshipping

Another consequence of the pandemic is the rising popularity of the entertainment dropshipping niche. It has become one of the best dropshipping niche to pick as people are trying to find alternative to outdoor entertainment.

For example, it resulted in more sales of video games, video controllers, home theatre systems, etc. Try to go for entertainment products which are less expensive and that cannot be found in traditional stores. Also, you can even count toys in.

Food and Drinks

food drinks dropshipping niche 2021

Customers will never stop spending on food and drinks. In 2021, it will become one of the best dropshipping niche as there’s an increase in the online purchase of eatables.

On a serious note, people who are health conscious will invest in food and drinks. On the other hand, the love for tasty snacks has increased as people are not eating outside for the moment.

Therefore, picking the food and drinks dropshipping niche will help you cover a large number of potential customers. Besides that, you can target people who are buying healthcare products, or products that indicates they are spending time because those niches are very complementary.

Your Niche, Your Choice

This list is just an example. We encourage you to explore a lot more dropshipping niches. By the way, there are many tools available that will help you to find the top dropshipping niches. If you own a Shopify dropshipping store, check our Guide for 2021 Shopify Dropshipping. It will help you a lot in starting, analyzing, and scaling your dropshipping business.

Again, keep in mind that if you follow blindly what other dropshippers are doing, you will not be successful. Do your best to find out what people are looking for and not finding out. Find the best suppliers in a wonderful dropshipping niche and advertise the products to the right audience.

Nowadays, focusing on a niche will always be more profitable than a general store. That’s why we recommend you pick a niche for 2021: go narrow and your Shopify store will be successful!

Moreover, never stop experimenting with niches. Some experiments may fail but a few ones may lead your dropshipping business to success.